Minutkliniken – Have you got a minute?

Minutkliniken is a great example of a disruptive idea that challenges existing ways of getting healthcare. Instead of having to organize your life around your regular health center – with limited opening hours and strict queuing systems – Minutkliniken is a drop-in service, available evenings and weekends. You can get help fast when you need it.

Minutkliniken is a new concept in the Swedish healthcare market. Always next door to a pharmacy, often inside a supermarket, it makes for a convenient one-stop-shop for most common health issues, vaccines and check-ups. So far, these clinics can be found in Stockholm and Gothenburg but the ambition is to spread this speedy and simple health care option all over the country.

The first step in our collaboration with Minutkliniken has been to create an informative website that clearly explains how this new service works. A location-service was used to help people quickly find the nearest clinic.

Work includes:

  • User Experience Design is a design discipline centered around creating value for humans by creating new or changing existing products/services to better fit the customer’s needs.
  • Is the use of imagery, color, shapes, typography, and form to enhance usability and improve the user experience.