Haspa – The bank for all Hamburgers?

Haspa is one of the largest savings banks in Germany with the bulk of their customers in Hamburg. Like so many other traditional companies, they are facing a new reality where younger people pick and choose services on their smartphones. An impressive branch office on the high street doesn’t mean much for this new generation of customers.

With our extensive experience of working with banking in Sweden, we appreciated the opportunity to explore the banking industry in Germany. While the challenge was familiar in many ways we had to find an alternative approach to fit the needs of this particular target group.

Can your bank be your mentor?

This project was all about mapping out a future and creating a vision for how Haspa can reach out to young adults – often labelled “Generation Z” – in a new and relevant way. Based on thorough research into the values and behaviors of the target group, we developed a totally new concept for the bank. A concept that could reinvent the relationship between Haspa and its customers.

The outcome was an interactive prototype that was tested on potential users. The result clearly showed that a traditional bank can play a much more innovative and inspiring role in people’s lives.

Work includes:

  • Identifying digital opportunities, putting them together into a vision and making sure that new ideas support the overall goals.
  • A collection of design methods based on insights about human and organisational needs. It uses a holistic perspective to build or modify a network of interaction points between the customer and the service provider, to best serve them both.
  • User Experience Design is a design discipline centered around creating value for humans by creating new or changing existing products/services to better fit the customer’s needs.