Healthy customer relationships for Apotek Hjärtat

Healthcare is undergoing a massive digital transformation. The way we seek care, keep track of our health and get prescriptions and other products is all moving much closer to each individual. The pace of change in customer behavior and demands makes it a very exciting field to work in.

Second in Sweden

Since the pharmacy deregulation in Sweden in 2009, Apotek Hjärtat has become one of the largest pharmacy groups in Sweden. We have started a journey towards a better digital customer experience.

Building from the base up

When digital-only competitors introduced new competition it quickly became apparent that a new strategy was needed. But before jumping on the latest digital trends we had to start by fixing basic needs and build a solid foundation focusing on everything from technical solutions and payment systems to rudimentary user experience.

Loyalty should be rewarded

With that in place we were ready to start the work to increase online conversion with simplified solutions for purchase and payment and making it easier to get relevant offers as a member of the loyalty program. Step by step we have started building a healthy long term customer relationship for Apotek Hjärtat.

Work includes:

  • Identifying digital opportunities, putting them together into a vision and making sure that new ideas support the overall goals.
  • A collection of design methods based on insights about human and organisational needs. It uses a holistic perspective to build or modify a network of interaction points between the the customer and the service provider, to best serve them both.
  • User Experience Design is a design discipline centered around creating value for humans by creating new or changing existing products/services to better fit the customer’s needs.
  • Is the use of imagery, color, shapes, typography, and form to enhance usability and improve the user experience.