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We are sad to say that after only four and a half years, Thinkable has closed its doors. Our industry has radically tranformed during the past few years, with a number of mergers and acquisitions making it increasingly difficult for a small “boutique agency” like ours to maintain its position in the marketplace. One final effort to create a new context for us and expand on our offering was unfortunately unsuccessful.

We would like to thank all of our fantastic colleagues, clients, collaborators and partners for all the successes we achieved along the way.

We were thinkers and doers, and we will always be.

Thinkable was a digital agency with a passion for design and innovation. As a strategic partner, we focus on your brand and your business with a strong belief in the power of relationships. Both with our clients to build longterm trust, but more importantly, as a way to create, build and nurture the bond between our clients and their customers. This belief drives us to:

  • Look for areas where we can create win-win situations
  • Consider brand, business and customer benefits in everything we do
  • Aim at solutions that create long lasting value and that can be developed over time

’Digital’ is now a natural part of life for most people. For businesses it affects everything from product innovation and marketing to business development. Often this has meant adding a digital service, moving customer contact to a digital channel or simply attaching a QR code to an advert.

Born digital

Since we were born digital, it is not something we have to add on. It is our natural starting point and we always strive to stay ahead. But our knowledge is just boring monologue without the right relationships: clients who are humble enough to learn, curious enough to wonder, competent enough to understand and innovative enough to bring their best to the table. Funnily enough, the same qualities that we look for in our people.

The power of collaboration

In order to find the best ideas, map out the best routes and develop simple solutions to complex challenges, the collaboration must be honest, open, trusting and together smarter than any single person in the room. A co-creative relationship generates the best strategies and the best ideas, and long-term partnerships can make them a reality.

At Thinkable, we work actively to create diversity in our workplace and value the insights that our differences create in collaborative processes, regardless if it is cultural background, religion, gender, age, sexual preference or disabilities.

Pick a proven method

We don’t think there is anything like a silver bullet method that fits every project; each journey has its own challenges. Instead we pick and choose from a wide range of proven methods, such as:

  • Gathering customer insights through interviews, surveys or by experiencing services ourselves together with customers
  • Visualizing customer behavior through thorough customer journey mapping
  • Putting ideas on the table in creative workshops. We provide post-its!
  • Working together with partners and clients to keep everyone in the loop
  • Working regularly with feedback to make sure that we listen, learn and improve as we go along

Partnership is also a relationship

Developers, tech agencies, customer survey companies, analysts, production houses, freelancing designers and copywriters. They all play a vital part in our projects and we are fortunate to cultivate some great relationships.

Step into the near future

Digital solutions must align with future development in technology. The pace of change is accelerating when it comes to changes in attitudes, digital habits and customer behavior. By constantly moving between the strategic and tactical levels we work hard to make sure that innovations and solutions create new opportunities for our clients both right away and a few steps into the future.

”Thinkers think and doers do. But until the thinkers do and the doers think, progress will be just another word in the already overburdened vocabulary of the talkers who talk.”

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We are thinkers, dreamers, designers, technologists, concept developers, doers, advisors, visualisers and makers. We strive to achieve exceptional results thru meaningful ideas, craft and innovation.

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